Friday, December 16, 2011

November 28-December 2

This week, my students worked on atom model time lines. I had intended to do a cross curricular lesson at some point during my internship, so this lesson fulfilled that purpose. In this activity, my students were to do research on how the atom model has been depicted over time and to include "fun facts" for each model. These fun facts were to be events or important happenings that were going on around the time that each model was developed. This students drew these on butcher paper and drew pictures for each event. The students presented these at the end of the week. Many of students do not have presentation skills, so after my first period, I showed all of the other periods "what not to do during a presentation". My students did a great job after they were given these pointers.

My birthday was on Tuesday of this week. My students were really excited about it. They made me all kinds of treats, made me cards, and drew all over my board with so many Happy Birthday's that I couldn't read it anymore. It was a good day. I love my kids!

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