Friday, October 9, 2009

Instructional Technology Integration

Technology use is when someone, such as a teacher or student, utilizes a technology, such as a computer, iPod, or PowerPoint presentation. This ability to use technology is becoming more and more important due to the increased integration of technology in education. Technology integration in education involves a teacher and/or student using a particular technology to improve the skills of the student or better the understanding of a particular idea. For technology integration to take place, the teacher and the student must have mastery of the particular technology in use. Therefore, technology integration would be impossible without the understanding of technology use.

Action Research Wonderings

Learning about inquiry and wonderings has changed the way I analyze questions I have about my tutor placement. Before learning about wonderings, I had questions about students that no one seemed to be able to answer. I felt that these questions would always be floating around in the back of my mind only to disrupt my sleep patterns. I felt hopeless, to say the least. Now that I have a better understanding of what a wondering is, I realize that those 'floating questions' were really just wonderings that could be of some use in my study of education and could potentially change the way I teach and affect students.

In my current placement, I tend to focus on students that do not show much motivation. I see the same kids, week after week, fall more and more behind, and I ask myself,"Why?". I have been trying to use what we have been learning about inquiry to take that question and work towards an answer. I now realize that there may not always be a definite answer, but after looking at the literature on forces outside the classroom and principles of motivation I know that I do not have to give up on this question of "Why?". The information I need is there. I can make a difference and understand what I need to do as a pre-service teacher if only I take that step into inquiry and implement these findings.