Friday, October 9, 2009

Instructional Technology Integration

Technology use is when someone, such as a teacher or student, utilizes a technology, such as a computer, iPod, or PowerPoint presentation. This ability to use technology is becoming more and more important due to the increased integration of technology in education. Technology integration in education involves a teacher and/or student using a particular technology to improve the skills of the student or better the understanding of a particular idea. For technology integration to take place, the teacher and the student must have mastery of the particular technology in use. Therefore, technology integration would be impossible without the understanding of technology use.


  1. I agree with your blog on the difference between technology use and integration. I feel the use of technology by students has encouraged the teachers to explore options to use and integrate technology into their lessons to maintain the interests of the students and be able to explore their lessons in alternate ways.

  2. Elaine,

    I also liked how you differentiated between use and integration of technology and i appreciate how you showed how a teacher can build integration on top of use. Can you share an example of when you have seen or experienced technology integrated for more meaningful learning.

  3. Elaine,

    I would also add that in addition to the importance for integration that you mentioned, it is also necessary because of the increase in use of 21st Century Skills in the workplace. It is more important than ever that students (and teachers) become fluent in the use of those skills in order to become better 21st century citizens.

  4. Sounds just like my blog. We are on the same page with this one. I felt that integration and use were very different things as well. Integration is what we really need to strive toward using.


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