Friday, April 15, 2011

Practicum plan reflection

To be honest, after midterm, I did not use the practicum plan. I liked the idea of creating one at the beginning to see when you will need to complete assignments and etc. but I did not use it so much as a 'planner'. I think it would have been more beneficial to me to make an actual planner. Maybe we could have used Google calender or created an actual paper copy of a 'participant planner' to print out so we could carry that around with us to class and to our PDS. Also, for me anyway, it think I would have used my practicum plan more if I had to make one in the fall semester because my workload was actually greater since I had Reading, C&I,and Sped along with our practicum.

I ended up just incorporating some of my learning goals into lessons for my my 2 week full time teaching. I don't think the practicum plan helped me to establish my learning goals, but it did make me consider how what I wanted to get out of my teaching experience at North Marion.

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  1. I agree with you about the practicum plan. I did not really use it to much after mid-term. I had the same advicde about the practicum plan. i think that a calender would have been a much better idea. This way we could have used more as a guide for when all of our projects were due. My learning goals were more about interacting with students than getting grades so luckely i could just incorperate them anytime throughout the semester.


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