Friday, February 25, 2011

Practicum plan

One of my learning goals is to get to know my students earlier in the semester. Since I transferred to North Marion this semester, I wanted to start off the semester by getting to know the students as soon as possible. I gave out a survey asking students how they think they learn best. The survey contained a list of ways to learn, such as, by reading, hearing, discussing, doing hands-on activities, working in groups, etc. I did this so it would be easier for me to plan lessons that truly appeal to my new students' learning styles.

I found that my students not only said they prefer group work (according to the survey), but also work more efficiently in groups (based on my observations).

I haven't made too many changes to my practicum plan except for having to move certain lessons to a later date due to snow days and 2-hr delays. I have not removed or added anything to the plan. I would say for the most part, I'm right on track with the dates I put on each assignment. The only things I wish I had more time to complete while I'm at North Marion are my learning goals. I am trying, at this point, to incorporate my learning goals into the assignments that must be covered at my PDS.

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  1. I have the same learning goal because my inquiry involes student/teacher relathioships. I think that is very important to get to know your students. I think that is was a gpd idea asking yout students how they learn best. This must be helpful for you because now you can help them learn better. I had the same issues with the practicum plan.


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